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6.03 Black Python II Barrel 650mm

6.03 Black Python II Barrel 650mm

Item number: 10127600000

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Precision barrels from MadBull are among the best on the market, thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing method, an excellent price / performance ratio is achieved. The weight may be surprisingly light at first glance, but the roundness and precision is outstanding.

The barrel is made of aluminium, so it must not be shortened under any circumstances, otherwise it could lead to deformation. Like any precision barrel, the Madbull barrel should be cleaned occasionally. Only high quality BBs may be used, otherwise clogging may occur.


Features & Details

X-axis of the run window:
5.1 °
Y-axis of the run window:
4 °

Dimensions and weight

65 cm
Length packed:
71 cm
0.8 cm
Width packed:
2 cm
0.8 cm
Height packed:
2 cm
0.051 kg
Weight packed:
0.095 kg


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