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Hard Piston

Hard Piston

Item number: 10133600000
Manufacturer number: 4582109580233

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This piston was the best available piston on the market for a long time until the material composition was changed. The piston is now harder and better suited for high fps numbers. However, it is no longer suitable for a high cadence. Due to the hardness, it resists the first impact of the sector gear less well, which can lead to the whole rear part of the piston being torn off, but this happens very rarely.

In order to achieve the longest possible service life and low wear, the second tooth should be removed: Link
We recommend the following settings for this pistons:
M110 / approx 350 FPS / 900-1000 RPS / 150'000 - 200'000 rounds *
M130 / approx 450 FPS / 900 RPS theoretical Bzw, Only Semi fired / 70'000 rounds *
M150 / approx 550 FPS / 700 RPS theoretical Bzw, Only Semi fired / 50'000 rounds *
* The indication of the service life is an estimate, which is based on experience values of tuners known to us. If the tuning is done well, the piston will last longer, but if the tuning is bad, it will last much shorter. If the piston is shot off due to a blockage, the service life will be greatly reduced.

Dimensions and weight

6.5 cm
Length packed:
14 cm
2 cm
Width packed:
7 cm
2 cm
Height packed:
2.5 cm
0.016 kg
Weight packed:
0.027 kg


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