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M155 AEG Spring

M155 AEG Spring

Item number: 10114200000

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Reliable and preiserte spring from Element. The nominal value of the spring strength quantifies the expected value in m/s (metres per second) with 0.20g heavy ammunition and can be multiplied by a factor of 3.28 to achieve the value in fps.

The nominal value given is only a guide value, the effective firing force depends on the skills of the tuner and the seal of the system. When installed correctly, the effective value usually deviates less than 10% from the nominal value. Experience shows that in most cases the effective value is higher than the nominal value, therefore in case of doubt always tend towards the next weaker spring. In order to achieve the desired muzzle velocity as optimally as possible, it is often necessary to try out various components and combinations (springs, piston head, cylinder head, etc.). For systems with a particularly good seal (e.g. KWA G2X), massively lower nominal values must be selected.

Features & Details

Nib strength:
16 kg
Spring strength:
35.2739619 lbs

Dimensions and weight

17.5 cm
Length packed:
25.5 cm
1.5 cm
Width packed:
5 cm
1.5 cm
Height packed:
2 cm
0.018 kg
Weight packed:
0.025 kg


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