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Magazin M14 Hicap 470rds

Magazin M14 Hicap 470rds

Item number: 10104200000

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The M14 Hicap magazine is made of sheet steel and makes an extremely detailed impression, it is not compatible with M14 models from other manufacturers. Magazines from G&G are known for a very accurate fit, high robustness, good workmanship, good feeding (tracking of the ammunition) and high reliability. Unfortunately, they are somewhat more expensive than the magazines of various other manufacturers, but they are definitely worth the money.

A well-fitted Hi Cap magazine normally shoots around 100 BBs until it has to be re-fitted. With Hicap magazines, it is very important that they are not filled with a speedloader, and the springs must not be overwound.

Features & Details

Magazine capacity:
470 rds
Magazine type:
Weapon model:

Dimensions and weight

13 cm
Length packed:
18 cm
7.5 cm
Width packed:
8 cm
2.5 cm
Height packed:
2.9 cm
0.2446 kg
Weight packed:
0.254 kg


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